Weave options

Fabrics are created by the interlacing of threads. The threads that run along the length of the loom are called the warp threads. The weft threads are woven in at right angles to the warp using a machine. The number and type of warp and weft threads within a square centimetre (1 cm²) determine the strength, vividness and weight of the fabric.

During the weaving process, the jacquard machine raises or lowers the warp threads so that either the warp threads or the weft threads appear on top. Combining the different thread colours gives the overlying threads a refined and sculptural-like pattern. Where the pattern is pictorial and features many colours we call it a tapestry.

AU7434-hell01-Cammann-Gobelin AU7434D-hell01-Cammann-Gobelin

Exquisite fabrics are transformed through hand colouration and a passion for detail into distinctive and exceptional one-off pieces.

By changing the yarn materials, for instance replacing chenille with wool or viscose with silk, we can alter the character of the fabric to suit your requirements. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

Kürzel Produktname Garn Gewicht
TA Tapisserie Chenille/Metallgespinst 735 g/m²
SO Sofia Wolle/Metallgespinst 690 g/m²
VE Verona Flock-Chenille/Metallgespinst 620 g/m²
FA Flora Cotten 550 g/m²
AU Augustus Wolle 630 g/m²
SA Sanssouci Wolle/Metallgespinst 485 g/m²
PK Perikles Viskose 490 g/m²
JV Jacquardvelour Chenille 535 g/m²
FW Flower Chenille 585 g/m²
BK Brokat Seide/Metallgespinst 260 g/m²
BD Brokatdamast Seide 390 g/m²
FY Freyja Seide 295 g/m²
AM Ammon Wolle 595 g/m²
RB Rembrandt Viskose 370 g/m²
RA Raffael Viskose 445 g/m²
BZ Byzanz Chenille/Metallgespinst 590 g/m²
IB Istanbul Wolle/Metallgespinst 725 g/m²