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Exquisitely crafted fabrics.

In 1886 Paul Cammann founded the weaving mill in Chemnitz, which has since become one of the major producers of exclusive upholstery and decorative fabrics in Germany.

Its corporate history has been shaped by creativity, craftsmanship, commercial acumen and technical expertise.

Tradition in a new guise.

Since 1886 we have stayed true to the high standard of quality and the selection of contemporary yarns and colours, as well as to the methods of production.

We craft the fabrics on weaving looms using jacquard machines. Modern finishing techniques allow the fabrics to be used every day.

Interweaving the past and the future.

Materials and patterns are transformed into distinctive fabrics that are evidence of our passion for detail. We can deliver individual and customer-specific quantities in very short timescales.

We can rely on the experience and knowledge of our qualified partners to implement new ideas and reconstructions.

Be inspired