Can you watch us while working? Cammann!

On the “Day of Traditional Crafts” on Sunday, October 20, between 10 am and 4 pm in the weaving mill in Braunsdorf. We show you how noble hand-colored fabrics are made. There is a factory sale of fabrics and yarns. You are cordially invited to visit us on the upper floors of the historic Tannenhauer weaving mill.

Is it now possible to upholster his Art Nouveau sofa with the right plush? Cammann!

After intensive development work, we have succeeded in reconstructing historical plush motifs with the most modern yarns. Now the Art Nouveau sofa can be reconditioned again and in style. An experience: grandma sofa as beautiful as it was then and still contemporary!
In the sample book under “Velor” quality you can experience different motifs of the new collection.