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Woven silk images

It is fascinating to be able to create images by means of the jacquard weaving technique. The process used, which is nowadays more cutting-edge than ever, involves positioning pixels or dots of colour to create a highly detailed image. During weaving the colour used is the one on top where the threads intersect. Using delicate, elegant, natural silk results in a wonderful interplay of the nuances of light and shadow. Silk images are like finely woven apparitions!

neue pillnitzer werkstätten®

The neue pillnitzer werkstätten® continue the tradition of artists Prof. Max Wislicenus and Wanda Bibrowicz. Both were prominent artists and tutors at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Between 1920 and 1945 they led the pillnitzer werkstätten (Pillnitz workshops), headquartered at Pillnitz Palace near Dresden.


In the period from around 1870 to the 1930s the weavers succeeded in translating images into textiles so intricately that, even today, we are compelled to marvel at the unbelievable beauty and technical skill displayed by the mechanically woven images.

We breathe new life into woven silk images by bringing together manual weaving techniques, the unmistakeable elegance of natural silk and the artistic expression of beautiful motifs.

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You can find a selection of motifs from woven silk images in the swatch book. You are welcome to buy these.

The neue pillnitzer werkstätten – npw® label is an independent division within Cammann Gobelin Manufaktur and is solely focussed on the manufacture of silk images.

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