Color selection

The colours shown here are the standard ones to choose from to create the design’s background. With the Augustus options the pattern can be woven in colour or hand-coloured accordingly. We are happy to offer individual colour and yarn options.

Augustus, Sanssouci

HellNr01Pantone TCX 11-0107
GoldNr03Pantone TCX 16-1139
ResedaNr63Pantone TCX 16-5810
RostNr36Pantone TCX 18-1248
JägergrünNr07Pantone TCX 18-0125
LilaNr05Pantone TCX 18-3011
SchwarzNr86Pantone TCX 19-4007


NaturweißNr20Pantone TCX 11-0606


HellNr01Pantone TCX11-0107
SchwarzNr86Pantone TCX 19-4007

Please note that colours may vary from the shade shown on the screen. The most reliable way to judge the colours is to order colour swatches of the fabric. Please ask for more details. Please be aware that discrepancies may occur between separate production batches.

Tappiserie, Byzanz, Sofi, Verona

Antik-WeißNr02Pantone TCX 11-0103
GoldNr03Pantone TCX 16-1139
TürkisNr42Pantone TCX 17-4320
KönisgblauNr44Pantone TCX 19-3712
CyanNr61Pantone TCX 18-4217
KardinalNr24Pantone TCX 18-1655
Pur-PurNr25Pantone TCX 19-1629
EnglischrotNr31Pantone TCX 19-1245
RotviolettNr32Pantone TCX 18-2027
ResedaNr63Pantone TCX 16-5810
JägergrünNr29Pantone TCX 18-0125
ModeNr70Pantone TCX 14-1108
FraiseNr28Pantone TCX 19-1533
DunkelbraunNr85Pantone TCX 19-0815
HellbraunNr84Pantone TCX 16-0928
SchwarzNr86Pantone TCX 19-4007